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Dalmatian Spots Repeating Pattern Wall Stencil - Animal Print Allover Stencil Template



Our CraftStar Dalmatian spots pattern stencil can help you create simple stunning feature walls in your home . This repeating pattern stencil can be used to quickly and easily refresh and add a modern twist to the decor in almost any room of your home.

Just align the edges and tile across your wall for a truly seamless pattern. Cover any area you like, to create your own feature wall ... all without the expense of designer wallpaper!

Stencil Information:

  • A3 Sheet - Dalmatian Spot pattern measures 22 x 33 cm
  • A2 Sheet - Dalmatian Spot pattern measures 32 x 48 cm
  • A1 Sheet - Dalmatian Spot pattern measures 44 x 66 cm