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Large Trinity Knot Stencil - Set of 4 Large Celtic Knot Templates

Large Trinity Knot Stencil - Set of 4 Large Celtic Knot Templates

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Our intertwined Celtic Trinity Knot Wall Stencil faithfully reproduce one of the most recognisable pieces of Celtic art. The Trinity Knot, or Triquerta knot, is a classic Celtic Knot design of three arcs interlaced to form a triangular shape. This simple yet beautiful knot is a well known symbol in both Pagan and Christian heritage. The three interlocking elements are thought to represent three distinct but intertwined themes. For Christians the Trinity knot represents the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. In other more pagan faiths is symbolises the Earth, Sea and Sky. Many cultures believe it represents eternal love, and for this reason it is sometimes referred to as the Irish Love Knot.

Use our Trinity Knot Stencil to create unique and personal features in your home.

Stencil Size Information:

  • All 4 Trinity knots are supplied on a single sheet - Choose from A3,A2 or A1
  • A3 - Trinity knots measure 25 x 22, 12.5 x 11, 10 x 9 and 8 x 7 cm
  • A2 - Trinity knots measure 35 x 30, 17.5 x 15, 15 x 13 and 12 x 11 cm
  • A1 - Trinity knots measure 50 x 43, 25 x 22, 20 x 17 and 16 x 14 cm
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