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Raindrop Stencil Set - Craft Templates

Raindrop Stencil Set - Craft Templates

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Our A4 sized Raindrop Stencil offers a delightful way to brighten a dull bathroom or bedroom. It features six different sizes of raindrops from 2.5 cm to 10 cm in height. Arrange in an infinite number of patterns to cover as large or small a space as you like. An incredibly useful stencil for all sorts of crafting and home decor projects.

Stencil Info:

  • This stencil is laser-cut from a single A4 sized sheet of mylar
  • Six sizes of raindrop are cut into the sheet:
    • 1.8 x 2.5 cm
    • 3 x 4 cm
    • 4 x 5 cm
    • 4.4 x 6 cm
    • 6 x 8 cm
    • 7 x 10 cm
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